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Diverse group of professionals working in open office setting

Diversity in motion

Our consultants put inclusion into action  

Welcome to LTHJ Global, where every move is a step towards transformation. We're redefining the future of work by infusing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) into every aspect of your organizational strategy. Join us, and let's redefine the future of work together.

Harmony in diversity

At LTHJ Global, we see DEI not just as an aspect of your organizational strategy but as the foundation that underpins sustainable business success. Every step, every move, every decision you make represents the possibility for each individual in your workplace to bring their greatness to life. 


Together our expert consultants work with you to design workplaces that aren't just diverse, but truly innovative.

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Our expert consultants deliver a full range of organizational design services, all deeply rooted in DEI principles. We work to create workplaces that are inclusive, equitable, and where every individual thrives



Our clients gain exclusive advantage as they seamlessly have access to the powerful Sojourn DEI app as part of their consulting agreement. This innovative app empowers our clients with a toolset to navigate  strategies customized by our expert consultants 

The Unlearning series is your monthly roundtable with the inspiring trailblazers and thought leaders you love and hosted by Lindsey T. H. Jackson

Since 2013, I’ve been to 45-50 trainings on race and social justice. Since this training [series] I’ve been telling everyone who asks about DEI, ‘Go to LTHJ!’ 
The LTHJ Global team has a ‘method to the madness,’ with the way they offer a gentle invitation to look at ourselves and our ‘-isms’.
Renne W

Leader & Board Member REST

Energize your strategy with LTHJ Global.

 Invaluable insights. Data-driven solutions. Personalized guidance. 
Consultant working with a diverse team
Collaborative team

Discover the changemakers of LTHJ Global. Each member of our team brings a unique blend of insight and innovation, driving transformative business strategies forward. Connect with the people behind the progress.

Strategy planning session showing hands and planning documents in a collaborative session
Strategic excellence

LTHJ Global's expertise lies in tailoring strategies to your unique organizational rhythm. From executive coaching to strategic planning, we bring nuanced solutions and deep understanding to turn your ambitions into results.

Hands holding mobile phone with the Sojourn DEI screen displaying
Begin your DEI journey

Our Sojourn DEI app was created to complement our consultant services and provide online solutions to complex DEI integrations. Assess your organization's DEI pulse and lay the groundwork for meaningful progress.

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