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Rachel Burton, known as Rach, shares her insights and stories on social media as Such A Lovely Red. Her journey started with a personal crash, realization, and revolution, marking her Day One in December 2021.

In her professional capacity, Rach serves as Director of Operations and Strategy at dozanü innovations, a full-service marketing company. A proud alumna of Gallaudet University, Rach obtained her BA in Sociology. Notably, she takes pride in being neurodiverse, embracing her unique perspective. Her bilingual upbringing, combined with a lifelong background in communications, culminated in a Masters degree in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University.

The vibrant tapestry of her community—the Deaf community—serves as Rach’s daily wellspring of inspiration. Both professionally and personally, she passionately shares its diversity, crafting poignant narratives about the human experience. Through unabashed self-expression, she has nurtured a community steeped in compassion, self-improvement, and understanding. Rach’s digital creations compose a shareable library of profound reflections and life lessons, all anchored in the core value of always being genuine, never perfect.

Currently based in Maryland, Rach is recognized for her signature closing wink and stylish jewelry—a testament to confidence and self-expression, a tangible reminder of the profound essence of self-love.

Note: As a Deaf person, my platform is entirely in American Sign Language with English captions




 Rachel Burton (she/her)


Avery Church is an autistic educator and content creator who uses his platform to openly talk about his experiences with mental health and autism. He is an advocate for more understanding and awareness around mental health, autism, and marginalized identities. Avery is a 28 year old New Jersey native who is currently working toward a degree in Psychology. He is in the process of  forming Excellence On The Spectrum, a nonprofit for marginalized autistic people.



Avery Church (he/him)


Based in New York City, Teddy Cosmo has been releasing music since 2017. Originally working under the name The SadSapps, Teddy Cosmo has been pushing the envelope of representation for disabled musicians since high school.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, playing guitar didn’t come easy for the musician, but after years of practice, Teddy has developed a unique playing style that works with the tremors in his hands.

Inspired by artists like The Beatles , Nirvana , Elliott Smith, and so many others Teddy Cosmo brings a classic indie rock sound to the table with a unique twist.




Teddy Cosmo (he/him) 



Meet the panelists

Unlearning Inaccessibility
Unlearning Inaccessibility

Unlearning Inaccessibility

What does it look like to be a disabled person in an inaccessible world? What kinds of accessibility do different spaces need in order to be welcoming and accessible to everyone? Join our panel of people with lived experience dealing with inaccessibility to learn how to build spaces where everyone i

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Time & Location

Jul 03, 2024, 1:00 PM PDT

About the event

"Accessibility" means that people with disabilities are afforded the supports and accommodations which allow everyone to access the same spaces, information, and services. How do we make our world more accessible to everyone?

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