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The benefits of culturally diverse teams are clear; they drive innovation, are more productive, and report higher job satisfaction. Research shows that companies exhibiting gender and ethnic diversity are, respectively, 15% and 35% more likely to outperform less diverse peers. Further, organizations with more racial and gender diversity bring in more sales revenue, more customers and higher profits. ⁠

Ready to energize your company culture?

LTHJ Global's expertise lies in tailoring strategies to your unique organizational rhythm. From executive coaching to strategic planning, we bring nuanced solutions and deep understanding to turn your ambitions into results.

As CEO at LTHJ Global, Lindsey empowers people, leaders, and organizations to pursue and achieve their full potential. For 16+ years Lindsey has been authentically leading empowering entities for personal and organizational wellness. Lindsey specializes in executive coaching using the Enneagram, group facilitation, DEI training and implementation, and team development.

Lindsey has worked nationally, and internationally, with small to mid-size businesses, nonprofits, corporations, founders and CEOs to embed meaningful and lasting change. Lindsey’s research model, The Enneagram of Bias, fills an important gap in the DEI space by creating a methodology to prepare individuals, leaders, and organizations to embrace a culture of learning and preparedness to embrace DEI principles.


Are you looking for invaluable insights, data-driven solutions & personalized guidance?

Fill out the form and get started today with our FREE downloadable Building Inclusive Systems Guide.


Download the guide, and then set a 30-minute one-on-one meeting with Lindsey to learn how our expert consultants will collaborated with you to design a workplace that that isn't just diverse, but truly innovative. 

At LTHJ Global, we see DEI not just as an aspect of your organizational strategy but as the foundation that underpins sustainable business success.

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