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Is making more money one of your goals? Or is it more so a tool to achieve your goals? Do you have “enough”? Is there even such a thing as “having enough”? How does your financial life align with your values? Challenge your existing notions about money and finances by seeing yourself and systems of power clearly. Recognize the impact of systemic oppression on the financial stability of marginalized communities. Financial inclusion means that people, societies, and economies thrive when everyone has access to basic financial literacy and services. Understand your authentic needs and wants to determine your financial position, financial goals, and what role your finances play in your life. 

About Unlearning Money Buys Happiness

As an enrolled agent and 20+ year certified tax preparer, Sugey Piedra likes to make her clients’ money work for them so that they don’t have to work forever.


In her daily work as co-founder of Prominence Business & Wealth Management,  Sugey supports high-earning, service-based business owners achieve long-term wealth through a holistic approach to financial services, providing bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning and tax strategy under one roof. 


Together with her two sisters/co-founders, Sugey runs the business, and also hosts and produces Tax Talk with HeyHey Podcast, where they provide insights into business taxes, wealth building and what it means to really create financial freedom. Besides her own show, Sugey has also been featured on Sell Without Selling.


When she’s not helping service-based business owners to grow their income, Sugey enjoys traveling, horseback riding and working on her own growth mindset.





Sugey Piedra (she/her)


Master Certified Coach, Keli Lyn Jewel (she/her) is a transformative force empowering her clients to break free from oppressive socialized narratives and reclaim their lives and businesses for themselves. Through her innovative approach, Keli leads an equitable self-coaching collective, Project Reclamation, making tools of emotional processing, nervous system regulation, and cognitive coaching accessible for folks who have historically considered a life coach out of reach. On the business front, she offers SellingU, a program focused on non-shitty sales strategy and burnout-free systems development for emerging entrepreneurs. 


In personalized sessions, Keli also works individually with high-achieving, social-justice oriented clients to reclaim themselves from the perfectionistic, people-pleasing tendencies guiding them to rediscover themselves. Several times a year, she orchestrates retreats in the US and France, creating immersive experiences that accelerate the reclamation journey for her clients. Keli's unwavering commitment to empowerment, transformation, and community building is at the heart of her mission, driving lasting change and profound growth for those she serves. 





Keli Lyn Jewel (she/her)


Timothy Johnson seeks to use their love of goal-setting, optimism, and active listening skills to help people achieve their dreams, celebrate their success, and live harmoniously. 


Timothy has a diverse work experience spanning various industries and roles. After graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in Romance Languages, they started their career in education as a bilingual special education teacher in Philadelphia. While teaching, they also established and managed a portfolio of properties as T. Johnson Real Estate Co.  


After receiving their MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, they transitioned to corporate finance and joined Walmart as a Senior Finance Manager at the Arkansas corporate headquarters. During their tenure, they developed and implemented an annual operating plan of over a billion dollars, created a comprehensive budgeting model, and streamlined the monthly budgeting process. 


After their time with Walmart, Timothy founded Heart Cave Networks in Detroit, MI where they provided strategy and business consulting for leaders in underserved communities. They also purchased and renovated housing properties, while learning software development, living in a tiny house, and raising chickens. They currently own and manage a portfolio of 10 housing properties in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Michigan and works as a NetSuite Developer at 2nd Swing Golf.



Timothy Johnson (they/them)


Taj Moses (He/Him) is a 35 year old Black, queer, trans, disabled, autistic man. He has a partner and several chosen family members, and is a father to a 14 year old son. Originally from Atlanta, he has lived at least briefly in most of the major US regions. He is a professional artist currently living in Lawrence, Kansas. He has been a professional artist for over 15 years, and he enjoys drawing original characters, humanoid figures, and whimsical and galaxy-themed subjects. He loves using vibrant colors, pastels, stars, and cute stuff! His art often features fantasy and galactic themes and represents feelings, emotions, and people’s need for escapism. His primary medium is digital art, and he offers commissioned work with a focus on portraits.  His activism work includes time with Fight for 15, Rise Up KC, NoSB180, EQUAL KC, and B.L.A.C.K Lawrence, as well as Sunrise Project and various food insecurity reduction groups. 


Taj Moses (he/him)



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